Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

Below are the Blackwell PTSA Board Job Descriptions.   Any elected position may be held by two (2) people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at a board of director’s meeting.

Board President

The President promotes and encourages a positive image of PTSA within the community and liaises with state and national PTSA councils. The President manages and supports other board and committee members, plans the agendas for the monthly board meetings and general membership meetings, and attends the monthly Lake Washington PTSA Council meetings. The President delegates the day-to-day managing of Blackwell PTSA event/committees, and supports the chairs and their respective events. Any nomination of the President needs one (1) year prior experience on a PTSA board.

Board Executive Vice President

The EVP coordinates the committee activities, including establishing volunteers for committee chairpersons, organizing committee notebooks, coordinating awards for volunteers and overseeing the annual new chair orientation meeting. The EVP assists the President in his/her duties.

Board Vice President Enrichment

The VP of Enrichment helps determine the additional activities that help support and enrich Blackwell’s curriculum, including before and after school programs, assemblies and communication with parents and vendors. The VP of Enrichment communicates with the YMCA Kids University program (after school programming) to provide input on vendors and helps facilitate enrollment.  This person also helps provide parent education opportunities.  

Board Vice President of Fundraising

The VP of Fundraising recommends what fundraisers will be required to satisfy the year’s budget. The VP coordinates and supports any necessary committees for the fundraisers, meets with the Treasurer and monitors various fundraising efforts throughout the school year. The VP duties also include attending and actively participating in board meetings and general membership meetings, coordinating fundraising efforts such as Fun Run with outside vendors or other fundraisers like auctions, book fairs, bingo night, Halloween carnival, etc. 

Board Secretary

The Board Secretary takes minutes and records business at each board and general membership meeting. The Secretary also oversees PTSA paper and office supply needs, tracks the Board of Directors training, and oversees the welcome coffee in the Fall.

Board Treasurer

*It is required that Treasurer nominees have an accounting background

The Treasurer is responsible for the day-to-day financial business of the PTSA, including writing checks, making bank deposits, and filing documents. The Treasurer also chairs the budget committee and presents the budget to the PTSA membership. Additionally, the Treasurer files the annual tax return and charitable solicitations registrations.

VP Communications

The VP of Communications supports and directly works with the PTSA Board and all PTSA event chairs and PTSA event stakeholders to promote all PTSA-supported events, fundraisers and programs that further the advancement of Blackwell's mission.  To that end, communication platforms used include: weekly newsletter, PTSA-website, Blackwell reader board and 
PTSA Facebook page.  

Board Community Liaison

The Community Liaison communicates with other PT(S)A organizations to share info, activities and events as well as reports back to the Blackwell PTSA and community. The Community Liaison attends a Tri-Awareness meeting each month and sets goals with business and city representatives.  In addition, the Community Liaison may also oversee the Sharing is Caring program at Blackwell including supporting a candy drive, Pantry Packs and Sister School collections.

Legislative Representative

The Legislative Representative gathers and communicates issues requiring state or local legislative resolution. The Legislative Representative attends the State PTSA Annual Legislative Assembly, stays abreast of current legislative activities and alerts the membership to issues that impact school age children and the need for parental action.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair handles the PTSA membership drive campaign and is responsible for the input of other member data and the payment of dues to the Council and State. The bulk of the work takes place in the fall, entering data into a home computer.