Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA


Blackwell has an amazing parent-led art program organized and run by parent volunteers.  More than 50 parents volunteer to teach art each year!  Groups of parents form by classroom.  They are then provided with a set of lessons to teach once a month.  In each lesson, students are exposed to a famous artist, a medium, and a technique.  After a few years, students have been exposed to an array of art fundamentals!

Blackwell also has a fantastic glass and clay program.  A kiln allows students the chance to create and glaze their own clay pieces.  Beautiful glass ornaments are created in the kiln through the process of glass fusing. 
What is the Art Docent Program?

Washington State has education requirements in visual arts. However, with limited resources, an art specialist is not always possible.  Yet, Lake Washington School District works with the PTSAs to support the classroom teachers by providing art docents to meet this curriculum requirement.  Art Docents are parent volunteers who are given training and resources by the Art Docent Program.  The Blackwell PTSA funds this program with a budget for the length of the school year.

Goals of the Program 

The program goal is to have Art Docents coordinate with teachers to provide lessons that expose students to a combination of art history, elements of art and a variety of art media.   Our hope is that the art lessons, when possible, will also reinforce the grade level curriculum.  We have a goal of 12 art projects/lessons per class for the school year with one of these being a clay project.


Supporting Materials 

2017-18 Art Docent Kick-Off Presentation

2017-18 Welcome Letter

2017-18 Helpful Tips for Docents