Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA
The Bobcat Bulletin is run by parent volunteers at Blackwell. It is published weekly, usually on Sunday evenings, to provide you with the latest news from the Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA. 
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Got a Newsletter Article?

In general, all announcements should have:

  • A headline
  • Succinct and engaging text; maximum 130 words
  • Date / Time / Location of Event
  • Contact info including any emails and necessary links fully written out
Your announcement will run automatically every week until your event, unless you make a more specific request. Generally an announcement should not be run more than 2-3 times total.

If your announcement has a separate document, form or flyer, the document/flyer must be submitted before the Sunday of publication. Documents must be in PDF format.

Send to: communications@blackwellptsa.org

All announcements that are NOT PTSA or school-sponsored must be approved by the Lake Washington School District first.  Detailed instructions can be found here: Advertising in LWSD