Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

Blackwell Elementary PTSA, in partnership with the Sammamish YMCA, offers after school childcare and enrichment program at Blackwell!

Choose from a menu of multi-week experiences taught by caring, certified YMCA staff. YMCA offers both after school care with their own staff and enrichment classes with specialist vendors (eg TechVenture, Smalls Hands Drama, etc.)

Enrichment classes include activities focused on physical activity, art, music, academics, design and creativity. Registration can be for as little as one day a week or five days a week. Students do not need to be part of the after school care to participate in the after school enrichment programs.

Classes are held at Blackwell

Registration is done completely through the YMCA. For more information, contact the YMCA at eastsidechildcare@seattleymca.org. If you have questions about the registration process or need help, you may contact the Blackwell PTSA Enrichment VP, Kerri Miller kcpetro@hotmail.com or communications@blackwellptsa.org.

The After-School Enrichment Pass guarantees you early class selection each session. Selections change every session, so keep checking back for new classes! Scholarships are available.

There are multiple ways to view classes and register.


1) Go to the links provided by the YMCA and posted in Bobcat Bulletin and on this website at the start of every session. Links are provided for the registration forms, session calendar and class descriptions.

February Enrichment info with links to register >>>> HERE 


2) Scroll thru the carousel HERE to find descriptions of specific classes at Blackwell and links to register.


3) Go directly to the activity search page HERE and filter your search:
Site: Sammamish Community YMCA
Location: Blackwell Elementary
This will show you the session currently registering.