Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

2019 - 2020 Blackwell PTSA Board Nominations

The nominating committee has worked diligently to select nominees for next year's Blackwell PTSA Board.  The following slate is presented to the general membership. 

The PTSA Board election will take place at the next General Membership Meeting on May 30.  Nominations will be accepted on the floor at that meeting as well.

For the Office of:

President:  Kerri Miller

Co-Executive VP’s: Ericka Nash and Mary Blake

Secretary: Mara Gaukroger

Treasurer:  Charlotte Holm Olsen

Co-VP of Fundraising: Leanne Nanakul and Kristi Rockenbach

Co-VP of Communications:  Estra Silver and Tracy Militello

Co-VP of Membership: Mengyuan Du & Jiaying Ni

VP of Community Liaison: Kristen Schwager

VP of Enrichment: Julie Aquino

Co-VP of Advocacy: Kim Piper and Michelle Kim