Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

Some Background
Our Blackwell teachers and staff are simply amazing! Providing positive energy and inspiration to our kiddos on a daily basis. It's a big job!  Remember how hard summer break was (well, for some of us)? There are times where we just can't thank our Blackwell teachers and staff enough! For that, we have Blackwell Monthly Teacher & Staff Luncheons! A marvelous opportunity to show our appreciation throughout the school year!

The easiest volunteer opportunity that will instantly warm your heart!
Simply sign up using this form for any one (or all - or some) of our future luncheons! It's so easy. Sign up for an item, pick it up from the store (or make it), leave it in the school office, and you're done. it's that simple. 

Your support is needed in order to successfully organize these monthly luncheons. Please sign-up as soon as possible to receive updates on upcoming luncheons.