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Have Ideas? We Want to Hear From You!
Have Ideas? 
We Want to Hear From You!
Spring 2019 PTSA Competitive Grant - Student & Parents
We (the Blackwell PTSA) are very pleased to announce that our annual 2019 Blackwell PTSA Competitive Grant Campaign is in full swing!!
Funds raised through various events YOU SUPPORTED this year will soon be distributed through various grant processes, including one looking to YOU and YOUR BLACKWELL STUDENT for funding suggestions.
What does this mean? 
We want to hear your great ideas! Do you see an opportunity that would advance our Blackwell student community either in the classroom, on our playground or around the school? This is your opportunity to make your suggestions heard and possibly actualized. 

Blackwell Grant Process (Parent/Student) Ideas: Here's an example
Our school playground's Gaga Pit was originally received last year as a student suggestion through this very process - and we were very pleased to fully fund the idea which turned out to be one of the school's more popular activities during recess! Win - win!

Bring on Your ideas!
Now is your chance in 2019 to submit your request via this online link: 2019 Blackwell PTSA Spring Grant Application (Students & Parents) .All requests must be received no later than May 24th.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Kristen Schwager.