Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

Art is as Vital as Nourishment
As you enter Blackwell, one can't help but be drawn to the eye-popping student-produced art that dons the windows along the halls. It's beautiful! 
This art is part of our Blackwell PTSA (classroom) Art Program and is run by Blackwell parents, whom we can't thank enough! 
We are now calling out to our Blackwell community to help lead our Blackwell Art Program. Do you need to be artistic? No. Do you need to have an appreciation for art? Probably. Is it between 1 - 3 hours a week - YES! 
If you think you might be interested, or you and a parent-friend might be interested in serving as Chair (and/or co-chair) to our Art program, please contact our current PTSA Art Chair, Rebecca Lavier at lavier.rebecca@gmail.com