Elizabeth Blackwell PTSA

April 2019 Critical Projects Levy

Top 3 Reasons to Vote YES on the LWSD Levy.

  1. The levy will help address critical capacity needs.  LWSD has increased 26% over the past decade and it is now the third largest district in the state.  LWSD needs more classrooms for student use.
  2. District-wide safety enhancements at schools, including exterior cameras at all elementary schools and entrance modifications at high schools.
  3. The levy maintains the current tax rate with NO tax increase.


Please Vote YES by April 23rd!!


LWSD will have a Capital Projects Levy will on the April 23, 2019 ballot.
  • LWSD needs more classrooms for students to support our rapid enrollment growth.
  • LWSD's highest priorities is creating safe schools and maintaining quality classrooms.
  • The 2019 levy maintains the current tax rate with no rate increase
Why does LWSD need a levy? LWSD is growing rapidly. LWSD's official October 1 student enrollment was 29,987 students. For the last 10 years, from 2008 to 2018, the district's enrollment grew by approximately 620 students each year. That is the size of a large elementary school. A total of 6,218 more students are in LWSD schools today than 10 years ago, representing 26 percent growth. LWSD voters have only passed one bond in the last 10 years, which does not keep up with the building needs of the district. Students need dedicated classroom space to learn.
To find out about what's included in the levy and additional information on the levy, click here!